If you want to create a voki , first you have to search voki on google.Then click on voki home.Once you’ve done that you will see a button that says Create, click on it.Then choose your voki.When you’ve done that you can also add features.Then click done.Now, there will be a button that is backround.You don’t have to change the backround if you don’t want to but you can.Once you have done that click publish.A square will come up.In that square write your voki’s name.Then there will be a box with weird writing.Copy that.

Go to your blog .Now go to widgets.Then drag the text widget to your sidebar. Go to the text widget you put in and click the arrow on it that is pointing down.A big box will come up.Right click on it and click paste.Now scroll down and press save.And now you have a voki.


                                                     Luca 2012.

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