Poetry: Six Room Image Poem

During the past few days, our class has been doing a lesson around poetry. This specific strategy is called the six room image poem. In this strategy you explore different “rooms” which give you a standard idea about your poem. The first room is named Image/Photograph. For this room, think of something interesting to you. Close your eyes, visualize and describe your thoughts.                                                                                                                                 Room 2 is the room of light. In this room, look at the same picture but write about the different colours you see and encounter. How does it look? Light, dark, hazy, shiny?                                                                                                           Sound is the room that consists in room 3. In here, think about what you hear. Voices? Silence?                                                                                                               Questioning is the word for room 4. Do you have any questions about your image? What do you want to know more about? What do you wonder about? What are your feelings in room 5?                                                                       And last but not least, room 6. In this room you will need to look back on your previous rooms and ideas and choose a word, a line, or a phrase that feels important and repeat it 3 times. Down below is a poem that I wrote earlier. Take a look!

The city of London



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlost in the haze



the fresh morning air moving



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa grey cloud covers the city



busy people, busy people, busy people.

Click below to hear me read this out loud!

Six Room Image Poem

Procedural Text: How to be a great goalkeeper in football

‘What a save!” Ever wanted to hear that when you are the goalie? Well, then this is what you want to read!


GK gloves, football boots, long GK pants, padded GK shirt (preferably long sleeved), football, football pitch (with goals), someone to kick the ball.


1. Collect all items that are listed in the requirements  section.

2. Dress with the appropriate clothing (GK gloves, football boots, long GK pants, padded GK shirt)

3. Go to your local football pitch with your football, football gear, and your friend who can kick the ball.

4. Get your friend to take 10 shots whilst you are in the goals.

5. See how many you saved.

6. If you got more than 5 saves then go to step 7. If you got less than 5 saves , try again until you do get more than 5 saves.

7. Get your friend to dribble towards the goal.

8. When he/she gets to about 5 metres away from you, start sprinting at him/her with your body spread out as far as possible.

9. Next, dive at your friends feet. Try to gain possession of the ball without making too much contact.

10. Do this 10 times. If you save more than 5 then move onto the next step. If you got less than 5 then keep going until you get more than 5.

11. After that repeat the steps between 4 and 6.

12. Train yourself about 3 times a week for your whole season. (With the additional running each day)

13. Have fun!

Now you  can show your friends your amazing goalkeeping and hear them say “what a save!”

Here is my procedural text as a draft!



Draft of Procedural Text



Click on the link below to hear me read this out loud!

Procedural Text- How to be a great goalkeeper in football