Text Type- Realistic Fiction- Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

The crowd went silent as the lights suddenly went out. The swimmers kept swimming until the end. No one knew who won. A murmur of chatter started to emerge from the sides of the stadium. The light went back on, but not the replay computers. “We have a problem in sector 5. The power and all of the computers were shut off so no one knew who won… The computers aren’t working… Yeah I know but we can’t… Ok we’ll redo the race… Alright, bye.” The official put the phone down, then he shouted, “We’re redoing the race!” through the microphone which led to speakers throughout the stadium. A large groan came from the swimmers as their bodies were pushed to the limit again. The power was shut off again! Someone must have been messing with the electrical wires. Authorities headed down to the main-frame electric board at the base of the stadium. When they opened it all they could see was the wall! There was nothing there!

“BLEEEEEEEEEEEP! BLEEEEEEEEEEEP! BLEEEEEEEEEEEP!” Everyone hesitated and then screamed as they ran towards the nearest exit. But when everyone was leaving, one of the authorities saw a suspicious looking person up in the crowd with his hand on his chin, not caring about anything. The authority who saw him was named Billy. “There! Look!” Shouted Billy. All of the other guys looked up and quickly started running towards the suspicious looking man. Then the lights went off. The authorities kept on running but ended up concussing themselves, except for Billy. He had the sense to stop running and just stand still. To see if the man who had been lurking around was still there. “CHHHH!” The lights came back on. Billy looked around but there was no one there. Unless… He slowly turned his head up wards and saw the man about to land on top of him. Billy quickly moved away as the suspect landed straight in front of him.”Gotcha!” He shouted. “BAM!” Billy was knocked out, “sweet dreams…” Billy reached is hand out to try and grab him but he couldn’t reach. “No…” He murmured.

Billy could hear a fan spinning. As he woke up he saw some of the other authorities still unconscious and the suspect pacing up and down the room. He tried to run at him, but it was no use. He was latched onto a chair which was locked into the cement floor. “Ahh, Mr Culamine. I’ve been meaning to meet you.” He said. “How do you know my name?” Billy asked. “Oh, I do my research. You know, going through major sport profiles… ILLEGALLY!” The malicious man grinned as Billy tried to get out of his chair. Some of the other authorities started to wake up. One of those sat right behind Billy. ” So what’s your name?” He asked. “Jackson Dilameaone. Call me Mr D for short.” Mr D replied. ” You know, there is one mistake you made when putting all of us in here.” Whilst Billy was saying this, the authority behind him was cutting the rope that Billy was tied around. “And what might that be?” Asked Mr D. “Your students didn’t agree with the table set up.” Billy quickly freed his hands and pulled out his nun-chucks. Mr D’s eyes widened as Billy swooped his legs from under him, causing him to fall backwards onto his back. Billy quickly wrapped his nun-chucks around Mr D’s legs so that his opponent could not stand back upright. He then fetched the rope that was once wrapped around him and quickly tied it around Mr D’s body. “Curse you Culamine, curse you!” And those were the famous last words of Mr D.

Thistle Man

Script For A Trailer-Mike Magistas

A new breed of attack has formed…

They are on a mission…

To play with the best footballers in the world…

NEW! Mike Magistas!

Revolutionary new cooling and drying technology, fit for any terrain! (show picture of boots)

And! For the first 15 callers you can get your new Mike Magistas for only half the original price! And even better, you will recieve the new Mike cleaning kit for free! Get your pair now! (picture of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Christian Eriksen and Erik Lamela in the Mike Magista boots)

100 Word Challenge Week 40

The Rhinoships were advancing towards Earth gaining speed every millisecond. All of the oxygen in the air was being extracted every time the Spacerhinos sped up.   The Spacerhinos, they were killing the life on Earth! No trees were left. No grass was moving. Just chaos. As I tried to rush people to the hospital for oxygen supplies I started to have trouble breathing as well. I got to the hospital and found that there was only one more oxygen pack. “But-“I was interrupted by a paramedic. “I’m afraid it’s the last one,”he said “and you’re not getting it.” “No!”

space rhino

100 Word Challenge Week 39

As Mark and I were walking through the vast vegetation in the dark forest, we could hear some loud noises coming from several of the ancient, enormous trees. Then, through the bushes I could see something moving. It looked like a face. I gestured for Mark to follow but he was too scared to go deeper into the dark, lonely woods. I climbed through the large bundle of bushes to find a face implanted on a tree, living and breathing! The forest seemed alive as the stars twinkled and the moon rose. ‘This is the best discovery man kind will ever see!’ I thought.

Face Implanted Into A Tree



Another Planet

It was another ordinary day in Aerolaj. The sun was shining and the crocodiles racing. Everything was jolly well. People were out and about, cruising on their new hover boards, shopping for new clothes. Everybody was having a good day.

“BOOM!” Loud noises filled the air as many people suffered the most horrific deaths. The noises were ear wrenching and made people’s ears bleed. Fires formed as buildings exploded and windows shattered. The historic landmarks that were once solid and well, were now destroyed by the Aerolaj Hunters.

At this stage many people were trying to gain access to the escape pods in the heart of the city. But there was no hope. The Aerolaj Hunters were guarding the pods with their lives and would not let anyone pass through. It looked like the human life on Aerolaj just died out. 

The war continued between us and the Aerolaj Hunters. Many people were killed and others ran away. Those who escaped the hands of the Aerolaj Hunters were considered lucky, and I was one of them. The war had gone on for far too long. The other survivors including myself decided to put a stop to this never ending war. Our solution, well, lets just say we know a few bomb experts. 

Making the story:

To make this story I went through a number of steps. First we were asked to write a beginning and concluding paragraph that we could then add on to. Next we thought of ideas for the middle of our stories. In my case it was the attack from the Aerolaj Hunters.

Once we had finished that we then wrote two paragraphs to describe what happened in that scene. We did change the writing up a little by selecting a story type from the selection. I picked Sensory Description for my piece.  For example, ‘The sun was shining and the crocodiles racing ‘. It is most commonly used at the beginning and ending paragraphs/sentences. The other types included, Intriguing Question, Onomatopoeia, Feeling and Intense Action. We used the paragraph sandwich to structure our paragraphs and form a good bit of writing. Then we proofread and edited to find our finished product.

 What is the paragraph sandwich?

The paragraph sandwich is a way that you can structure your paragraphs.We have been using it a lot this year, and I am sure that it has been helping everyone with their paragraph structure. It is called the paragraph sandwich because their are two similar things on the top and bottom and different things in the middle. This is what it looks like:

  • Topic Sentence
  • Supporting Sentence
  • Detailed Sentence
  • Supporting Sentence
  • Detailed Sentence
  • Concluding Sentence


Future City

100 Word Challenge Week 38

As I pulled out the cooked uranium in it’s tray I was tempted to touch it, (I had gloves on of course) but it was far too hot. Its glowing, green colour caused me to stare at the material for a while as many of the other scientists told me to put it down and walk away. I couldn’t do it. I touched the uranium. “BOOM!” Something extraordinary happened. My legs started to bulge and my T-shirt started to change. I had transformed into a super star footballer (soccer player)! I ran outside and started kicking the ball about.”Awesome!”.

David Beckham

100 Word Challenge Week 37

“Here comes Cristiano Ronaldo. ” Commented Martin Tyler as Portugal started an attack. “That’s a great tackle by Phillip Lahm and maybe they can launch a counter attack.” Thomas Muller sprinted down the right hand side of the pitch, played the ball through to Miroslav Klose and started to make a run through the centre of the field. Klose played the ball to Muller. “Muller’s through on goal! Goal! Thomas Muller. Back of the net.  Super run and a goal to show it. Great defending by the Portugal side but, that’s what happens in Brazil when you let Thomas Muller through.”

German National Team

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100 Word Challenge Week 37


Loved Again-Narrative

It was another ordinary day in the Hot Air Balloon Workshop (HABW). No visitors, no sun, no sound. Just plain nothingness. “No one ever visits our shop!” The shop owner called to one of his employees. “I’m sick of it! I can’t stand it!” The shop owner (Francesco) stomped out of the shop with a sense of rage on his face. He started to cry. The rain poured down on to him as his eyes turned to rivers of tears and the gravel below him swelled up like a whirlpool. “Why always us?! Why can’t we be the ones that get the attraction?!” He shouted. The employee walked outside to see if Francesco was alright. “Go away!” Shouted Francesco, and the employee rushed inside in fear of the monster that had once been a big, sweet teddy bear.

Later that day, Francesco was about to close up the shop when he heard a loud noise that sounded a bit like a car. He poked a head out and saw what it was. It was a customer! Finally, someone! Francesco thought. He rushed back inside to tell Massimo (the employee) that someone was coming. “We’ve got a customer!” “Yay.” Massimo said casually. Francesco sprinted back outside and kindly opened the door for the surprise customer. He walked out and looked at Francesco. “Are you still open?” “Si.” Francesco replied. The customer walked inside and looked around the huge workshop, pictures of the Italian (national) football team were seen all over the walls.

“So that will be $99.99 thanks.” Said Francesco, the man pulled out a $100 bill. “Grazie. Have a nice day.” “Yes!” Francesco shouted. But this purchase was special. It gave Francesco the motivation to re-do the shop and make it more appealing.

“One last bit…” Said Francesco as he put the last coat of paint on. “Done! I finally did it!” The workshop looked as beautiful as ever. All of the metal was shiny and new, and all of the balloons were coloured with bright tinges of orange. Francesco lay on his dark blue bed with his bedside lamp very lightly dimmed. He looked up at the bright, canary yellow ceiling and the different balloon designs that hung from it. He jumped off his bed and started taking photos of the workshop. He then posted them on his Facebook page.

Francesco woke up the next morning with the sound of his new glass doors rattling. He rubbed his eyes and walked over to the door. Hundreds of people were lined up outside, shivering in the cold. Francesco quickly went and got changed. After he did so he sprinted with immense excitement to the front door.. He switched around his ‘Closed Sign’ and made it the ‘Open’ one. He then smiled as he pulled the doors open for the customers to rush inside. Everyone ran inside trying to get to the front of the line but as they did so, Francesco spotted a very familiar looking person. It was Ema! His ex-girlfriend! Francesco ignored her and ran to the til where dozens of people lined up for a ride on one of the hot air balloons.

“Hi Ema.” Francesco said.”How nice to see you again.” “How did you get the money for thi-” Francesco jumped over the counter and hugged Ema. ” I love you Ema.” “I love you too.” Ema replied

So, after that reunion, Francesco was back selling rides in his hot air balloons. One after the other, after the other. There was no stopping! Luckily no one was getting hurt until a balloon popped and came crashing down on to the ground! The incident was all of the news due to the fact that it had caused a death. Everyone was mad at Francesco! Shouting and booing, and pointing at him! But there was one who was not completing these actions and that was Ema. Francesco asked if she would forgive him. “Of course!” She replied. Then Francesco asked something else. “Will you marry me?” Ema was so surprised, but she answered anyway. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” And Francesco rejoiced in happiness.

Orange Hot Air Balloon

100 Word Challenge Week 36

Another boring day of pouring chocolate into the dull, stale cake roads. The lads bought a coffee for everyone, except me. I continued to keep pouring chocolate into the cracking  cake road, determined to finish it.  But as I was pouring the remaining chocolate into the cracks I heard a loud scream coming from the apartment block next to the road that we were fixing. I dropped the silly piping hose and ran inside, to see only a teenage girl screaming at how amazing she thought her new shoes were. I then said to myself, “seriously?”.

100 wc

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100 Word Challenge Week 36