Text Type- Realistic Fiction- Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

The crowd went silent as the lights suddenly went out. The swimmers kept swimming until the end. No one knew who won. A murmur of chatter started to emerge from the sides of the stadium. The light went back on, but not the replay computers. “We have a problem in sector 5. The power and all of the computers were shut off so no one knew who won… The computers aren’t working… Yeah I know but we can’t… Ok we’ll redo the race… Alright, bye.” The official put the phone down, then he shouted, “We’re redoing the race!” through the microphone which led to speakers throughout the stadium. A large groan came from the swimmers as their bodies were pushed to the limit again. The power was shut off again! Someone must have been messing with the electrical wires. Authorities headed down to the main-frame electric board at the base of the stadium. When they opened it all they could see was the wall! There was nothing there!

“BLEEEEEEEEEEEP! BLEEEEEEEEEEEP! BLEEEEEEEEEEEP!” Everyone hesitated and then screamed as they ran towards the nearest exit. But when everyone was leaving, one of the authorities saw a suspicious looking person up in the crowd with his hand on his chin, not caring about anything. The authority who saw him was named Billy. “There! Look!” Shouted Billy. All of the other guys looked up and quickly started running towards the suspicious looking man. Then the lights went off. The authorities kept on running but ended up concussing themselves, except for Billy. He had the sense to stop running and just stand still. To see if the man who had been lurking around was still there. “CHHHH!” The lights came back on. Billy looked around but there was no one there. Unless… He slowly turned his head up wards and saw the man about to land on top of him. Billy quickly moved away as the suspect landed straight in front of him.”Gotcha!” He shouted. “BAM!” Billy was knocked out, “sweet dreams…” Billy reached is hand out to try and grab him but he couldn’t reach. “No…” He murmured.

Billy could hear a fan spinning. As he woke up he saw some of the other authorities still unconscious and the suspect pacing up and down the room. He tried to run at him, but it was no use. He was latched onto a chair which was locked into the cement floor. “Ahh, Mr Culamine. I’ve been meaning to meet you.” He said. “How do you know my name?” Billy asked. “Oh, I do my research. You know, going through major sport profiles… ILLEGALLY!” The malicious man grinned as Billy tried to get out of his chair. Some of the other authorities started to wake up. One of those sat right behind Billy. ” So what’s your name?” He asked. “Jackson Dilameaone. Call me Mr D for short.” Mr D replied. ” You know, there is one mistake you made when putting all of us in here.” Whilst Billy was saying this, the authority behind him was cutting the rope that Billy was tied around. “And what might that be?” Asked Mr D. “Your students didn’t agree with the table set up.” Billy quickly freed his hands and pulled out his nun-chucks. Mr D’s eyes widened as Billy swooped his legs from under him, causing him to fall backwards onto his back. Billy quickly wrapped his nun-chucks around Mr D’s legs so that his opponent could not stand back upright. He then fetched the rope that was once wrapped around him and quickly tied it around Mr D’s body. “Curse you Culamine, curse you!” And those were the famous last words of Mr D.

Thistle Man

5 Cent Frenzy – Infographs


Q: What is an infographic?

A: A visual image of data.

As a part of our 5C frenzy work we created infographs to create interesting and colourful ways to present our data. There are many online sites the let you create these graphs we used infogr.am

Some of the problems we encountered along the way were:

How to save our work.

How to do the screen clipping onto power point.

What we did to over come these were:

We put the graphs onto power point and then saved them onto student share.

We got the expert in our group (Declan) to teach us how to screen clip.

What worked with our infographs was:

They were clear and we could read them properly.

The information could easily be placed into the infograph.

What I can improve upon is:

I think I could improve with time management because I was only here today, although I think I could have done better with the amount of time provided.

Below are my graphs:

Grammar Mania! Exercise 7: Verbs

1. We learned about the effects of the storm from Norma.
2. Many branches had been broken by the wind.
3. Heavy icy was still bringing down many power lines.
4. Only a few people could stay in their houses without electricity.
5. After three days, food became scarce.
6. Volunteers arrived with emergency supplies.
7. People from nearby communities brought many loads of firewood.
8. Soon, life was returning to normal.
9. They are calling it the storm of the century.
10. We hope that we will not have another ice storm this year.
B. Write a paragraph about an exciting event and highlight the verbs.
WOOOOOSH! Someone sped right past a group of teenagers and spilt all of their smoothies. There were other men chasing this man but they were not quick enough. The super fast man sprinted up the escalator  that was going down and ran up the walls. PSHHHH!!! He smashed through the skylight window and ran along the roof. There were men all around him.” FIRE!!!” One of them shouted. The Superfast man Jumped 11 metres in the air and everybody else got shot by the other members of the team. Reinforcements were called, but before they got there the man was gone. They used binoculars to see him. He was running across the roofs of buildings, vaulting over obstacles climbing up walls and sprinting as fast as he could. The other guys got all of the team members and started chasing him with helicopters.” Mmmmmm…” Jump. The man jumped through somebody’s apartment window and ran down the stairs. “GO!GO!GO!”

Grammar Mania! Exercise 6: Verbs

1. Sue sat on the bench as we were jogging through the park.
2. John ate his lunch slowly.
3. He was enjoying a ham and cheese sandwich.
4. After work, we decided on a movie.
5. Since his accident, he has been driving more carefully.
6. You will never guess the answer.
7. Are you reading that magazine, or have you finished it?
8. Lucy will send you her new address.
9. Finally, the dealer agreed to our price.
10. Everyone wants a lucky lottery ticket.

Grammar Mania! Exercise 5: Verbs

1. The pitcher threw the ball.
2. The robin perched on a lower branch.
3. Seagulls flew lazily in the light breeze.
4. The New Brunswick flag cost five dollars.
5. He dreamed about his recent accident.
6. Melissa always walks to work in the morning.
7. She often rode the bus home at night.
8. His parents thought about him every day.
9. The Christmas tree looked beautiful.
10. The lions slept in the sun for hours.

Grammar Mania! Exercise 3: Pronouns

1. Many of them came, but few stayed long.
2. Give everybody something to eat before they leave.
3. What did you bring with you?
4. Did they teach themselves how to speak German?
5. After she cut herself, she went for a tetanus shot.
6. All of those are expensive.
7. Who likes chocolate?
8. The stones on the beach were green, but these are pink.
9. None of us was frightened by that.
10. He gave her several bottles of this.

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 2 Problem 24


I predict that this problem will be about multiplication and division.


Our school colours are blue, green, white and yellow. Each class in the school has a banner painted in two of the four school colours- Blue and white, blue and green and so on. If every possible colour combination is used, how many classes are there in the school.


There are no words or sentences that I don’t understand in the problem.


How many classes are there in the school?


The tool I used was test all possibilities from the mathematicians toolbox.


To figure this problem out I first got a sheet of paper. Then I worked out all the different combinations of colours in their sections.For example.

Blue: Blue and green. Blue and white. Blue and yellow.


When I finished this problem I still thought, is this the right answer? But then I checked and proved my answer and I thought I got it right.


The answer for this problem is 6.


Book Report: The Hobbit

The Hobbit is a really interesting book, that explains how life would be if there was magic and mythical creatures. It tells you alot about the appearence of the creatures, landscape and people which taught me about howw to describe a character in a more expanded and descriptive form.

The book has a variety of setting from hobbit holes to kingdoms and even a dragons lair. The settings are very easy to visualize because it is a very decriptive book and can stay in your memory for quite a while. I like how J.R.R Tolkien (the author of the book) explains how the characters feel in the settings that they are in because it gives you a better understanding of the character’s personality.

The story all starts in a hobbit hole in the shire when an unexpected party has come for a meeting. They all sit down with joy and laughter with mountains of food lying on the table just for them.Then they all start planning their adventure. In the book you will realize that there are quite alot of problems and that most of the book talks about their journey to the Lonely Mountain and how they survive.

The characters in the story have very different personalitys and can start quite an argument. Thorin, the main and most important dwarf of all the lands is easily overtempered but yet brave because he has fought against dragons, goblins, orcs and all sorts of horrible creatures. Bilbo Baggins is the most mischevious of them all. At the start of the book he is very shy and not keen at all to go on an adventure. Later on in the story Bilbo builds up his bravery and confidence to a very high standard and Thorin starts to wonder if Bilbo really  is worthy to them.  Gandalf is a wizard that all creatures should fear. He may seem like an old man but he really knows his magic, and if you put a sword in his hand he can chop off your head with just one swing. Smaug is a dragon that nobody should mess with because he was the one that took over Dale and terrarized the citizens that lived there.

My opinion on The Hobbit is that it is a very good book with lots of description and can teach you some new words. This book is quite complicated because of it’s high modality words and some words should be clarified to get the full understanding. I think this book is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 1 problem 23 feat.Dan and James


We predicted this question was going to be  about addition and guessing.


Place the numbers 6,7,8,9,and 10 so that the sum on every line is 24.

CLARIFY: nothing


which numbers go where


is the  tool 1 used from the mathematicians tool box.


so here we worked out a combination with 5 in it that would equal 24. So we chose 9 and 10. Then we worked ou the centre line. Which had to be a sum that equaled 24 and had a ten in it, (because the ten was on one of the sides of the centre line’s sides. So we tried 8 and 6 which together would equal 14 plus the 10 would equal 24. Then all I had left was the seven so I put that in the last box.


After all that we worked out the answer.We thought it was a pretty easy question when we got the hang of it. Our prediction was pretty accurate and we thought that we went really well and we think the tool we chose was the right one.

The Legend that Became True


When the sun was nearly down, the Asdu family would sit down on the dry, sandy, floor for tucker. When everybody had sat down they all started eating. After they ate they watched the sun go down and the water ripple as fish swum by. “De legend says dat at midnight a giant crocodile rises from de lake and snatches a child. I don’t believe in dat dough”.Said Lukam,(the father of Dasew and Afola. Husband of Maruda) They all sat there until the sun was nowhere to be seen and then they went off to their beds which were carpets with a bit of sheepskin for blankets.


In the night Dasew woke up. There was a growling sound outside the shelter and a snakelike shape walking along. Dasew ignored it and went back to sleep even though the thing kept on growling.


The next morning the Asdu family woke with a start for their adventurous day ahead. After breakfast Dasew and Afola went fishing in the river while their mother and father went hunting for wild animals like pigs, kangaroos and crocodiles.


Later on Dasew went to the bathroom and left Afola alone sitting on the riverbank trying to get a fish. “Hugh.I’m never going to catch a fi-AHHHHHHH!”Something had pulled Afola into the river. It was the green snakelike shape again thrashing Afola around. Luckily. Lukam came to check on the kids and accidentally brought his spear. Lukam saw the monster and started jabbing it roughly to protect his daughter. Soon enough the hideous beast let go of her and swisshed away, its head gliding through the water. “Are you okay?” Questioned Lukam. “I dink so.” Answered Afola. “What was dat?” “I don’t know. But what I do know is dat ding is dangerous.”


Later that night they all woke up. There was the growling sound again. Then Maruda said. “I’ll have a dook at what dat ding is.”She hopped out. “AHHHHHHHH!”She screamed. Everybody rushed outside to see what happened. There was a giant crocodile roaring at them. “Dooks dike de legend was true!”The crocodile stared at Dasew for a few seconds, and then ran as fast as it could away from the Asdu family.