100 Word Challenge Week 11

Through the war,

came the poor,

weeping through the dusty clouds,

no feasts,

all defeats,

remember the poor,

For they were the ones

that endured the pain,

that they didn’t deserve to gain.

Time and time,



the poor were the ones who suffered,

when the internet buffered

they were at the end.

Over the wall and under the fence,

there really was no vengeance,

every time they met someone new,

It actually was their heads that blew,

They flew,

right through,

the light blue.

The poor,

are the ones we should adore.

Areas my spelling words may be about- Contractions-Words confused with list

This week for my spelling city I thought that my words were about commonly used words that get confused with due to their slight changes of grammar or punctuation. For example a couple of the words that I had in my list were its and it’s. As you can see, both words sound the same but have a differing meaning. ‘It’s’ means ‘it is’, but on the other hand, ‘its’ means something different.

100 Word Challenge Week 8

“These kentucky fried chicken wings are delicious John! Where did you get them!” Exclaimed Finn. “KFC” John replied miserably. “AHHHHH! Run for your lives!” Someone shouted from near where John and Finn were sitting. They both got up and ran over to where the screamers had been shouting. A cold breath, like a raindrop swooshed past them, hearts pumping mind rushing. They turned around and there stood a big black cloak with a human like hood, hands clenched together and cuffs overlapping. John and Finn stood in horror as the terrifying creature stood over them like a giant, ready to pounce.

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100 Word Challenge Week 8

DSCF3964 Week#8

What are my spelling words about?- List Greek Prefixes 2

This week for spelling I had the following words:

Catastrophic, catalogue, metamorphosis, metaphor, paralysis, period, peripheral, problem, prologue, prosthetic, syndrome, synagogue, synonym, hyperbole, hypertext, hypothesis and hypocrite.

I got all of the words correct in the test accept for synagogue.

My teacher also asked me to find out all of the meanings of the prefixes of each word. Here they are:

Cata-down, meta-above/beyond/among, par- order/ prepare/provide/procure, per-thoroughly, pro-before, syn-with, hyper-over, hyp-under.


Behind The News- Space School

A group of students from a range of schools have taken the opportunity to go to a certain school where they get to learn about space from a real life astronaut. These kids want to become astronauts in the future but before that they have to learn about the skills and techniques that astronauts need in order to survive and do their job. In the lessons of the space school, the students are taught by a real life astronaut who has been in to space three times, totalling a staggering six hundred and seventy five hours up in the stars. It may look like a whole bunch of fun, hanging out with the other astronauts in the rocket, floating around in the zero gravity air, but when up in space there can be a lot of work to do. It depends on what job you have been assigned to complete. Apart from being an astronaut, there are many other ways of being involved in space “missions” or jobs. These include astro-physicists and airo-space-engineers. Overall, there are many job spaces to be filled when it comes to blasting up to the moon.

100 Word Challenge Week 7

“Where is he?” I said in a angry whisper which was not common for me. “Don’t worry he’ll be here…” Meanwhile on the road… “RRRR!” A large SUV drifted around the corner of Hastings and Lygon. Toby appeared out of the car, his wide eyes glistening in the light of the sun. He ran towards  me and Katie, laptop in hand. “We have to get inside!” I shouted. ” THEN LETS GO!” The three of us, sprinted into the underground car park, hoping for the best and not the worst. But we were stopped by a horrid scent. I could not believe the smell!

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Behind The News- Rock Climbing

Most people would not really think of rock climbing when they go to apply or sign up for a hobby. They would probably think of a more popular sort of sport like football or basketball. But rock climbing could just be the thing that you need when exercising. One man, Robert, said that he was quite unfit when he was a high school student until he took up rock climbing. Once he did take up climbing he started to get much healthier and physically fitter. Clearly showing that rock climbing can be used for all different kinds of purposes he went on to joining a group of climbers that now train often and are an experienced group of rock climbers.

Although, like any sport, rock climbing can be an extremely dangerous thing. You have to wear the correct safety gear for the climbs and have trained a lot depending on what kind of place you are climbing near. But, rock climbing can also be a friendship builder. You can join other people during climbing and become best friends. Just like all sports really. Except for maybe singles in tennis. But, you get the drift.


Read Like a Writer-What do you think Feezal?

Earlier this morning all of our class participated in a session about reading like a writer. During the session we learnt about the differences and similarities between reading like writer and reading like a reader. We also learnt about the features of someone who is reading like a writer or reader. Near the end of the session we were asked to read a certain piece of writing we found interesting of our literacy circle books and find out which sections we thought were parts of the “Six Traits of Writing”. So this is what I came up with for the book that I read during literacy circles.

1. Ideas- The idea of having a window cleaner who becomes a best friend is very interesting and slightly admirable.

2. Organisation- The first few sentences of the second paragraph makes me want to know more about who Andy is.

3. Voice- I think that the author’s voice is shown through the feeling of the text. The text’s feeling is very calm and content and I think that is what the author’s personality is like.

4. Word Choice- I think that the “1 adjective” descriptions give a self-explanatory explanation of the noun following it.

5. Sentence Fluency- The sentences in this part of the book flow very well as a union and lead to other sentences.

6. Conventions- The spelling and punctuation in this part of the book is used to elaborate on sentences by joining them together.

Goal Reflection:

  • The conventions in this section of the text I know will be something that I will be something I will use in the future when writing a story. I think that I will use it because  it gives feeling to the text by showing some of the character’s personalities.
  • I also think that I will use the same word choice strategy as demonstrated in the book I read (What do you think Feezal?). This is because the (how I like to call it) “1 adjective” description gives a pretty self-explanatory description of the word following it.
  • I know that voice is already something that I include in my writing, although I think that I could put more of personality (voice) in to my pieces  so that people can recognise my style of writing.

100 Word Challenge Week 3

As Jackson creeped around the the humongous trees he heard some odd and strange sounding rustling sounds coming from behind him. He turned around but there was nothing there. Standing in a questionable situation,scratching his head, he turned back round to keep on walking towards the hotel. But as he turned, he found a great, terrifying and disgusting creature sitting before his eyes. “ROAR!”  “ARGH!” Jackson sprinted as fast as he could away from the hideous monster. He ended up standing on top of the half-ending bridge that was nearest to the location he was at. “OH NO!”He screamed.

This Week's Prompt

This Week’s Prompt