Behind The News- Space School

A group of students from a range of schools have taken the opportunity to go to a certain school where they get to learn about space from a real life astronaut. These kids want to become astronauts in the future but before that they have to learn about the skills and techniques that astronauts need in order to survive and do their job. In the lessons of the space school, the students are taught by a real life astronaut who has been in to space three times, totalling a staggering six hundred and seventy five hours up in the stars. It may look like a whole bunch of fun, hanging out with the other astronauts in the rocket, floating around in the zero gravity air, but when up in space there can be a lot of work to do. It depends on what job you have been assigned to complete. Apart from being an astronaut, there are many other ways of being involved in space “missions” or jobs. These include astro-physicists and airo-space-engineers. Overall, there are many job spaces to be filled when it comes to blasting up to the moon.

Battle for Australia Commemoration Day

Today, our school and around 13 other schools visited the Shrine of Rememberance to commemorate the lives lost during battles for Australia. During the commemorative service, many songs were performed by the Australian Naval Band as well as prayers and stories to pay tribute to the dead Australian soldiers who fought in honour of their country. Everyone enjoyed getting out and about in public and the city as the commemorative service  was put on. Unusually though, only one of the three roulettes had flown over us. There were many commemorative and sophisticated speeches made by a few people at the service as well as some of  the students from other schools celebrating the commemoration by placing flowers at the base of the perpetual flame. During the songs, children, teens  and teachers were in harmony with each other as every body sang along to some of the tunes including “Be still My Soul” and “I am, you are, we are Australian“.






Summary Of Cyclone Reading

We read an article about cyclones, took some notes and this is what I learnt.

Cyclones are violent storms with very high speed winds. There are different types of cyclones but the main one that everyone knows is the Tropical Cyclone. Tropical cyclones occur in regions around the Southern part of the Pacific Ocean, one of these regions is Australia. An interesting thing to know about cyclones is that in the Southern Hemisphere they always turn clockwise whilst in the Northern Hemisphere turn the opposite way, anti-clockwise.

What we call cyclones depends on their location. When they are in regions closest to the Atlantic Ocean they are called Hurricanes. When they are in regions in the North Eastern parts of the world they are known as Typhoons and as I mentioned before Tropical cyclones occur in regions around the Southern part of the Pacific Ocean.

Cyclones can affect objects hundreds of kilometres out of their centre’s. The centre of the cyclone is also known as the eye. The wall of ‘the eye’ is the strongest part of the cyclone where the strongest winds and heavy rainfalls occur. Cyclones are also known to bring storm surges. Storm surges are large surges of seawater that can reach up to 5 metres above their normal surface level. These storm surges are caused by strong winds, although, the size of them are determined by the speed of the winds. Dangerous storm surges occur in low-lying coastlines whose waves cause damage to structures along the coast. This therefore changes some of the shape of the shoreline.

Back in the day, when there were no electronic tracking devices like satelites and global positioning systems, cyclones were manually monitored. This caused very little consistency in the data that they were collecting and analysing.

Cyclones are graded through 5 different categories. Here is a table that I made that demonstrates the speed of the winds of these cyclones.

Category 1 Slower than 125 km per hour
Category 2 Between 125 and 164 km per hour
Category 3 Between 165 and 224 km per hour
Category 4 Between 225 and 279 km per hour
Category 5 Faster than 280 km per hour

In Australia, cyclones occur on the coastlines of the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia. They often happen between November and April. Tropical cyclones are extremely dangerous with high speed winds  and terrential rain being just some of the effects that they bring to their paths. They also damage properties causing people and animals to not have any shelter. Cyclones can also have an economic impact on things such as businesses and surrounding infa-structures like roads and power lines. LB ©

Behind The News- Air Safety

The horrific event of the MH17 crash has been a real shock all around the world although people are trying to prevent this from ever happening again. The Malaysian Airlines plane crashed near the war zone in Ukraine so now many other airlines are trying to avoid flying above the war zone. But, some airlines are still flying above this area. They say that it will cost the company and customers much more money to fly around this region due to the fact that there will have to be more fuel. In this case, customers will have to pay around $66 more than they already have to fly around Ukraine. But I would definitely pay more, especially if it means it could save my life. Planes are coming in and out of airports all the time, and most of them complete their tasks without any problems at all. This all goes down to the people who work hard on their jobs. Airlines are always maintaining their planes and pilots are always following direct routes to places around the world so there’s not much to worry about. Although, it’s natural to feel a bit frightened or nervous when something like this happens, especially when you are going on a flight.

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Behind The News- Air Safety

Text Type- Realistic Fiction- Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

The crowd went silent as the lights suddenly went out. The swimmers kept swimming until the end. No one knew who won. A murmur of chatter started to emerge from the sides of the stadium. The light went back on, but not the replay computers. “We have a problem in sector 5. The power and all of the computers were shut off so no one knew who won… The computers aren’t working… Yeah I know but we can’t… Ok we’ll redo the race… Alright, bye.” The official put the phone down, then he shouted, “We’re redoing the race!” through the microphone which led to speakers throughout the stadium. A large groan came from the swimmers as their bodies were pushed to the limit again. The power was shut off again! Someone must have been messing with the electrical wires. Authorities headed down to the main-frame electric board at the base of the stadium. When they opened it all they could see was the wall! There was nothing there!

“BLEEEEEEEEEEEP! BLEEEEEEEEEEEP! BLEEEEEEEEEEEP!” Everyone hesitated and then screamed as they ran towards the nearest exit. But when everyone was leaving, one of the authorities saw a suspicious looking person up in the crowd with his hand on his chin, not caring about anything. The authority who saw him was named Billy. “There! Look!” Shouted Billy. All of the other guys looked up and quickly started running towards the suspicious looking man. Then the lights went off. The authorities kept on running but ended up concussing themselves, except for Billy. He had the sense to stop running and just stand still. To see if the man who had been lurking around was still there. “CHHHH!” The lights came back on. Billy looked around but there was no one there. Unless… He slowly turned his head up wards and saw the man about to land on top of him. Billy quickly moved away as the suspect landed straight in front of him.”Gotcha!” He shouted. “BAM!” Billy was knocked out, “sweet dreams…” Billy reached is hand out to try and grab him but he couldn’t reach. “No…” He murmured.

Billy could hear a fan spinning. As he woke up he saw some of the other authorities still unconscious and the suspect pacing up and down the room. He tried to run at him, but it was no use. He was latched onto a chair which was locked into the cement floor. “Ahh, Mr Culamine. I’ve been meaning to meet you.” He said. “How do you know my name?” Billy asked. “Oh, I do my research. You know, going through major sport profiles… ILLEGALLY!” The malicious man grinned as Billy tried to get out of his chair. Some of the other authorities started to wake up. One of those sat right behind Billy. ” So what’s your name?” He asked. “Jackson Dilameaone. Call me Mr D for short.” Mr D replied. ” You know, there is one mistake you made when putting all of us in here.” Whilst Billy was saying this, the authority behind him was cutting the rope that Billy was tied around. “And what might that be?” Asked Mr D. “Your students didn’t agree with the table set up.” Billy quickly freed his hands and pulled out his nun-chucks. Mr D’s eyes widened as Billy swooped his legs from under him, causing him to fall backwards onto his back. Billy quickly wrapped his nun-chucks around Mr D’s legs so that his opponent could not stand back upright. He then fetched the rope that was once wrapped around him and quickly tied it around Mr D’s body. “Curse you Culamine, curse you!” And those were the famous last words of Mr D.

Thistle Man

Behind The News- Sport Supplements

Lately there has been proof that sport supplements such as protein powder, can effect a growing person’s body. But its not the way you would think it would effect you like. It can actually be very unhealthy to consume these types of supplements.The best way to get strong and muscly and all of those other not-so-important things, is to eat nutritious, wholemeal foods.  Foods such as cereals, fruits, vegetables and dairy products are much better for you compared to sport supplements.                                                                           Although, you can’t just eat these foods and expect them to just magically make you fitter, you have to exercise when ever you can. You also have to maintain this healthy and nutritious diet throughout the day whether you are at school and working hard or sitting at home watching Adventure Time on your television. That is what you have to do to get to the top.

Behind the News

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Behind The News- Sport Supplements

Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 1 Problem 22


I predict that this problem is going to involve estimation.


The sum of two consecutive whole numbers is 97. What are the two numbers?


I had nothing to clarify in this problem.


The tool I used to work this problem out was ‘Guess, Check and Improve’.


What are the two consecutive numbers that add up to 97?


This problem was very simple and I did not have any trouble with working it out. I used estimation to estimate how much each number would have to be worth to reach 97. But before that I gathered the information that I already knew which was that 45 + 45 = 90. Then I just added 3 on to one of the numbers and 4 on to the other so I had 48 and 49.



Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 1 Problem 22


Pie Graph-Favourite Sports Brands

In class we have been exploring different graphs in maths. In groups of three we have now been asked to create a pie graph with a percentage and tally. Our survey was on favourite sports brands.


Percent and Tally
Adidas IIIII 20%
Nike IIIII    IIIII    IIIII 60%
Asics IIIII 20%


Degrees and Percentage working out

Adidas Nike Asics Total
5/25 x 360°= 5/25 x 360/1= 1800/25= 72° 15/25 x 360°= 5/25 x 360/1= 5400/25= 216° 5/25 x 360°= 5/25 x 360/1= 1800/25= 72° 360°
5/25= 20/100= 20% 15/25= 60/100= 60% 5/25= 20/100= 20% 100 %


A sports Pie Chart





BTN-Text Walking

We use technology for almost everything in our lives, and sometimes it can effect us and other people in bad ways. One of those ways is texting whilst walking across roads, especially busy ones. This is an issue because it can be very dangerous when not paying attention to your surroundings. Headphones are also an issue when crossing roads because you may not be able to hear what else is happening around you. In recent years there have been some very tragic incidents involving not paying attention when crossing roads so be sure to watch out the next time you’re texting your friends.

Text Walking


So pretty much everyone knows that the world cup is in Brazil this year and they are pretty excited about it. But some Brazilians disagree. You see, many people live under the poverty line in Brazil which isn’t very good, and those people living under the poverty line are not very happy about the amount of money that was put into the world cup. They think that the money should have been used to supply shelter, education and other needs for all of the people living in poverty in Brazil. Although, those Brazilians still believe that the FIFA World Cup is an important thing to have in Brazil. Back in 2010 at the South African World Cup at least 3 million people came to the actual matches and it is estimated that 3 billion people watched the matches on their televisions and that’s why those Brazilians think that it is a good thing to have in their country.

World Cup Trophy

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