Persuasive Text-Books Are Better Than Television

Books and television are opposite things. Books help our brains whilst televisions destroy them. Books make us think about different things and make our own writing better. They make our writing interesting and creative. They give us more words that we can store in our vocabulary. We can also use the words exaggerate and explain our feelings and give more information about what we are saying. Books are also cheaper to buy and don’t need as much care for whilst televisions, are the complete opposite. Books are easier to carry and under everyday circumstances usually will not break. They give us new, inventive ideas about what to write and maybe even what to draw, and most important of all, they help you learn.

Books are great resources for new words to put into your writing which can be very helpful whilst writing a novel or story. The words that you gather from the text that you are reading make your writing more interesting which, is quite hard to do sometimes. Another fact is that once you have written a very interesting story people will think that you have a sense of creativity and will want to read more of your magnificent master pieces. Televisions (or more casually known as T.V’s) are very expensive and need a lot of maintenance than books. They can break, whilst books can’t. They can sometimes get damaged (ripped pages, wet covers etc) but not broken. Although it can be very annoying and agitating when the book does start to get damaged because you might have payed a lot of money for it and haven’t had it for a long period of time.

Books are also easier to carry which is very useful when going to work or school because you will be wanting  to put it  in your school bag. Another reason is that they are much smaller so they will not take up as much room as a television would. This is really good when you want to be entertained and your house is very small. Books are everywhere! They are even on your portable electronic devices such as iPads and Kindles.

So in conclusion, books are much better items to have than televisions because they are… great resources for new words to store in your vocabulary, these words make your writing more interesting and creative. Also books do not need as much maintenance as televisions because they can’t break (they can get damaged but not broken). Books are also much easier to carry due to their smaller size and are available on most portable electronic devices.


Persuasive Text Why a school uniform should be compulsory

I strongly believe that all students should wear a school uniform and here is why .It makes the school appealing ,it means less organising and makes it clearer for people at athletics carnivals to define their school from other ones .


It makes the school more appealing because it makes the school look a higher quality and more formal to appeal to the parents and new students of the school .School uniforms will also make a good first impression to them so they will start thinking about the whether or not they will send their child there .

If the school was private it would look a much , much higher quality of a school with a uniform .On the schools opening day the parents and students would be extremely impressed with the school and the guide .The new students might like the look of the school uniform and will want to go to that school .


Having a school uniform also means less organising for the mornings because the children don’t have to think about what they are going to wear each day for school. If the student doesn’t know what to wear to school then they will get stressed out and upset .They might get bullied about their clothing at school and get worried .But if all of them are the same what is there to bully or worry about?


Finally, on sports days against other schools it identifies the students school from the other schools and shows the scorers what school they are from. If the athletes are wearing the same thing with casual clothes the scorers at the athletics will get very confused .But If they have a uniform then they will represent their school and show the other students who they are .Teachers won’t have to organise as much because the students will be wearing the school’s colours which will separate them from the rest .


Therefore I strongly believe that all schools should wear a school uniform because It makes the school appealing ,it means less organising and makes it clearer for people at athletics carnivals to define their school from other ones. I hope I changed your opinion about school uniforms.

Green Team Speech

Hello everybody! My name is Luca and I am here today to speak about pies ,elephants  and why I should be your Green Team Rep.

To start us off ,I have been in the Green Team before and I would like to go back to it  this year .Before I start telling you why I should be your Green Team Rep I’d just like to  say I am very helpful to the environment.


-In 2011 I was a Green Team Captain and I would like to be one again this year.I am  awesome at organizing  things that will make our school a better and more fun  environment.

I have lots of past experience working with other people and the Green Team, and I  don’t mind missing out on some of my recess or lunch.


-Last year I was the vice SRC rep for our class which was a good position because we  organized most of the playground ideas .

We talked about modifications for the schools

elderly and run down places that we could adjust changes on.


-I love homework and I am very organized with it .Also my writing is great and I like  doing it .I strongly believe that I should be the Green Team Rep for this class and I  hope

you think that too.

Sorry I didn’t get to talk about pies and elephants I thought it might be better  to stick  to the subject