100 Word Challenge Week 7

“Where is he?” I said in a angry whisper which was not common for me. “Don’t worry he’ll be here…” Meanwhile on the road… “RRRR!” A large SUV drifted around the corner of Hastings and Lygon. Toby appeared out of the car, his wide eyes glistening in the light of the sun. He ran towards  me and Katie, laptop in hand. “We have to get inside!” I shouted. ” THEN LETS GO!” The three of us, sprinted into the underground car park, hoping for the best and not the worst. But we were stopped by a horrid scent. I could not believe the smell!

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Behind The News- Rock Climbing

Most people would not really think of rock climbing when they go to apply or sign up for a hobby. They would probably think of a more popular sort of sport like football or basketball. But rock climbing could just be the thing that you need when exercising. One man, Robert, said that he was quite unfit when he was a high school student until he took up rock climbing. Once he did take up climbing he started to get much healthier and physically fitter. Clearly showing that rock climbing can be used for all different kinds of purposes he went on to joining a group of climbers that now train often and are an experienced group of rock climbers.

Although, like any sport, rock climbing can be an extremely dangerous thing. You have to wear the correct safety gear for the climbs and have trained a lot depending on what kind of place you are climbing near. But, rock climbing can also be a friendship builder. You can join other people during climbing and become best friends. Just like all sports really. Except for maybe singles in tennis. But, you get the drift.


Read Like a Writer-What do you think Feezal?

Earlier this morning all of our class participated in a session about reading like a writer. During the session we learnt about the differences and similarities between reading like writer and reading like a reader. We also learnt about the features of someone who is reading like a writer or reader. Near the end of the session we were asked to read a certain piece of writing we found interesting of our literacy circle books and find out which sections we thought were parts of the “Six Traits of Writing”. So this is what I came up with for the book that I read during literacy circles.

1. Ideas- The idea of having a window cleaner who becomes a best friend is very interesting and slightly admirable.

2. Organisation- The first few sentences of the second paragraph makes me want to know more about who Andy is.

3. Voice- I think that the author’s voice is shown through the feeling of the text. The text’s feeling is very calm and content and I think that is what the author’s personality is like.

4. Word Choice- I think that the “1 adjective” descriptions give a self-explanatory explanation of the noun following it.

5. Sentence Fluency- The sentences in this part of the book flow very well as a union and lead to other sentences.

6. Conventions- The spelling and punctuation in this part of the book is used to elaborate on sentences by joining them together.

Goal Reflection:

  • The conventions in this section of the text I know will be something that I will be something I will use in the future when writing a story. I think that I will use it because  it gives feeling to the text by showing some of the character’s personalities.
  • I also think that I will use the same word choice strategy as demonstrated in the book I read (What do you think Feezal?). This is because the (how I like to call it) “1 adjective” description gives a pretty self-explanatory description of the word following it.
  • I know that voice is already something that I include in my writing, although I think that I could put more of personality (voice) in to my pieces  so that people can recognise my style of writing.

100 Word Challenge Week 6

“RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” I went screeching around the corner of Haylade Avenue and Reserve Street in my Lamborghini. I saw the slick black Bentley just metres behind me, gaining fast. I decided to take a quick turn into the Gerolyd Car Park. But just when I was approaching the exit a taxi swung right in front of me. I swerved to the right so I could avoid the taxi but as I did so, one of my front wheels went up onto a curb causing the car to roll over. I passed out… “BAM!” Suddenly I was able to see again.

100 Word Challenge Week 3

As Jackson creeped around the the humongous trees he heard some odd and strange sounding rustling sounds coming from behind him. He turned around but there was nothing there. Standing in a questionable situation,scratching his head, he turned back round to keep on walking towards the hotel. But as he turned, he found a great, terrifying and disgusting creature sitting before his eyes. “ROAR!”  “ARGH!” Jackson sprinted as fast as he could away from the hideous monster. He ended up standing on top of the half-ending bridge that was nearest to the location he was at. “OH NO!”He screamed.

This Week's Prompt

This Week’s Prompt


Behind The News-Flag Day

On the third of September, 1901, the Australian flag was officially established and published. A vast amount of entries were considered before officials and the people of Australia agreed on the resemblance of the Australian flag but now that doesn’t all seem to be the case. You see, the Australian flag consists of many different things, including other country’s flags. The part where there is the red and white cross is, is where the English flag, Saint Patrick’s Saltire in Northern Ireland and the Scottish Flag all appear. These flags put together, create the Union Jack. On the Australian flag, the Union Jack is used to symbolise the British settlements that appeared on Australian Soil on the First Fleet. But, the people of Scotland believe that their country should be an independent country. This would change the look of the Union Jack causing the Australian flag to have a different look as well. This is also causing some Australians to want the Australian flag to change. Some Australians also want their country’s flag to change it’s design due to the fact that they do not believe that the Aussie flag resembles the traditional owners of the land which are the Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders. So, are we going to change our flag?

The Australian Flag

The Australian Flag

100 Word Challenge Week #2

“Look at that view!” Exclaimed Scott. “It’s amazing!” Replied Branden. The exciting view of the Himalayas stood before the 2 travellers as others around them stared up at the great height of the series of mountains before them. “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” Everyone spun around as the sound of a car screeching  filled the fresh air. Next, everybody turned back to look at the series of mountains named the Himalayas.” Quick, take a photo!” Said Scott. “But it is yellow!” “Wha-” Scott’s eyes widened as the breathtaking change of scenery and colour sat before him. “What happened?” Asked Scott. “I don’t know.” Replied Branden.


Multi-Age Literacy Activity: Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan

Today, the 28th of August, during periods 3 and 4, all of the students at my school were involved in the Multi-Age Book week activity. All of the us were mixed up in different classes and contributed towards an activity based around a book. In the ‘mixed class’ that I was in, we all read a book called Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan. We were then sorted into groups ranging from prep/foundation, all the way up to my year in grade 6. Then we got our activity. The activity that we participated in was basically a diarama on one of the pages of the book. The last page to be exact.

Shaun Tan:

100 Word Challenge Week #1

“How are those parts going Simon?” Questioned Joe. “Almost finished… there.”  “Finally we can make a start on this rocket.”  Joe excitedly walked over to the new metal parts and looked at them. He raised his right eyebrow in shock of the parts. “What are these?!” Joe exclaimed. “They’re your parts sir.” “These are not parts!” These are just bent pieces of metal in a pile like a junk yard!” “Sorry, sir…” Simon cowardly put his head down and dawdled off into the other part of the main building. “ARGHHHHH!” Screamed Joe. “When can we create something that works!”

Poetry: Six Room Image Poem

During the past few days, our class has been doing a lesson around poetry. This specific strategy is called the six room image poem. In this strategy you explore different “rooms” which give you a standard idea about your poem. The first room is named Image/Photograph. For this room, think of something interesting to you. Close your eyes, visualize and describe your thoughts.                                                                                                                                 Room 2 is the room of light. In this room, look at the same picture but write about the different colours you see and encounter. How does it look? Light, dark, hazy, shiny?                                                                                                           Sound is the room that consists in room 3. In here, think about what you hear. Voices? Silence?                                                                                                               Questioning is the word for room 4. Do you have any questions about your image? What do you want to know more about? What do you wonder about? What are your feelings in room 5?                                                                       And last but not least, room 6. In this room you will need to look back on your previous rooms and ideas and choose a word, a line, or a phrase that feels important and repeat it 3 times. Down below is a poem that I wrote earlier. Take a look!

The city of London



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlost in the haze



the fresh morning air moving



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa grey cloud covers the city



busy people, busy people, busy people.

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Six Room Image Poem