100 Word Challenge Week 11

Through the war,

came the poor,

weeping through the dusty clouds,

no feasts,

all defeats,

remember the poor,

For they were the ones

that endured the pain,

that they didn’t deserve to gain.

Time and time,



the poor were the ones who suffered,

when the internet buffered

they were at the end.

Over the wall and under the fence,

there really was no vengeance,

every time they met someone new,

It actually was their heads that blew,

They flew,

right through,

the light blue.

The poor,

are the ones we should adore.

100 Word Challenge Week 10

“DONIO! COME! NOW!” “Yes master.” The shivering half dressed goblin appeared out of the shadows, head down, eyes down. “I need a cup of Slizanberg juice, precisely 500 ml.” “Indeed master.” Replied Donio (the half dressed,, shivering goblin). He walked off at a fast pace, looking at all of the piles and piles of potions when suddenly, there was a knock on the door. The little creature dawdled to the door miserably, thinking that it would probably be one of his masters’ friends. But when the light came through a family stood at the door and as Donio shivered they screamed.

Behind The News- Music Education

Music is one of the most popular ways of entertainment and can be learnt by everyone. Although, it is not something that the national curriculum states in its report. But there is a few things that we can do to help increase the teaching and playing of music throughout our schools. One event that is held over the nation is called the cannasie and is basically a musical reunion for young students over the country. This year a few students from a school created the song for this year’s cannasi. They stated that in the final product that they made, they got to use all of their favourite parts of all of the song ideas that the students in the group had come up with. They also said that they were very proud to participate in the making of the wonderful event, especially when they got to perform around all of their friends and classmates.

Behind The News- Gaming FX

Ahhhh, video games. Fun to play but not so easy to make. Unless of course you have all of the right equipment and techniques to make one. During the making of a video game, for example FIFA 15 or Forza Horizon 2, there are many different parts and areas you need to cover in order to make them. Step 1. First think of character ideas and a plot. There is no use having a game with no objective, otherwise it would not be a game! Next, you need to come up with a style of game. For example a platform game. A platform game is like a Mario or Ratchet and Clank type game. Now you need to animate your characters and make them move. A simple way to do this would be to do a ‘Stop-motion Animation’. A stop-motion animation is where you take a series of photos (that are different) and put them together to make an animation. This method is also used in creating some movies and T.V shows, one of which is Wallace and Grommit. Then you put it altogether. So maybe making a video game could be just as fun as playing one?

100 Word Challenge Week 9

“We’ve got a 624 here, over!” A sleek green sedan swung around the busy corner smashing into a large street lamp, denting the front left area of the car. The lamp started leaning down onto a nearby department store, towering over the city lovers’ heads. “SMASH” Glass shards spun everywhere hitting people and other cars. The broken glass caused some corruption but not as much as the mad cat in the fast speeding sedan lifted the limits of the car’s engine. The people at the swimming pool across the street stared in curiosity as the sedan got faster and faster.

Areas my spelling words may be about- Contractions-Words confused with list

This week for my spelling city I thought that my words were about commonly used words that get confused with due to their slight changes of grammar or punctuation. For example a couple of the words that I had in my list were its and it’s. As you can see, both words sound the same but have a differing meaning. ‘It’s’ means ‘it is’, but on the other hand, ‘its’ means something different.

100 Word Challenge Week 8

“These kentucky fried chicken wings are delicious John! Where did you get them!” Exclaimed Finn. “KFC” John replied miserably. “AHHHHH! Run for your lives!” Someone shouted from near where John and Finn were sitting. They both got up and ran over to where the screamers had been shouting. A cold breath, like a raindrop swooshed past them, hearts pumping mind rushing. They turned around and there stood a big black cloak with a human like hood, hands clenched together and cuffs overlapping. John and Finn stood in horror as the terrifying creature stood over them like a giant, ready to pounce.

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100 Word Challenge Week 8

DSCF3964 Week#8

Podcast- What do you think Feezal?- Literacy Circles

Literacy Circles is a program that all students in 5/6 participate in, and is used to encourage learners to really think about the book that they are reading. During the 6 weeks that we were given, each class had been split into groups. We worked on a singular book throughout this time and discussed our thoughts, relations and predictions on it each week. My group read ‘What do you think Feezal?’ by Elizabeth Honey. The book was about a small girl who had an extroadinary admiration for dogs and was not very well looked after by her oddball of a mother and hard worker for a father. I took up the role as connector. My role each week was to think of three connections and share them with the rest of the group. The other roles in the group were Discussion Director (the leader and heart of the group), the Passage Master (someone who picks out a few passages that they found interesting or surprising in the book), the Tally Master (the person who takes care of who has or has not completed the required homework listed by the Discussion Director), the Captain or Contessa of Comprehension (the person who asks Question-Answer-Relationship Questions about the book), and the Word Watcher (similar to the passage master, they pick out certain parts of the book that they found interesting or surprising although in this case they only pick out a singular word or phrase).

At the end of our Literacy Circles program, everyone creates a presentation on the book. Usually, most people would go with a play but this year, the teachers decided to get everyone to do something a little bit different… This year, all of the groups had to create a podcast on their book. No visuals. Just audio. First of all, our group started brainstorming some ideas for the podcast. After we had done that we started writing the script which included some interesting and exciting words. Then we started our recordings. Once that was complete, my friend Tom and I started to edit the podcast by deleting and placing different parts of the recording. We then went online and started looking for intro music. Them after all that we had to add a whole lot more of information into our recording. After all this, we had finished our podcast. We had a few troublesome problems and obstacles along the way, but nothing could stop us from finishing the task.

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Literacy Circles Podcast


What are my spelling words about?- List Greek Prefixes 2

This week for spelling I had the following words:

Catastrophic, catalogue, metamorphosis, metaphor, paralysis, period, peripheral, problem, prologue, prosthetic, syndrome, synagogue, synonym, hyperbole, hypertext, hypothesis and hypocrite.

I got all of the words correct in the test accept for synagogue.

My teacher also asked me to find out all of the meanings of the prefixes of each word. Here they are:

Cata-down, meta-above/beyond/among, par- order/ prepare/provide/procure, per-thoroughly, pro-before, syn-with, hyper-over, hyp-under.