Term 2 Project Reflection

Three facts I found interesting and surprising:

1. I found out that neurons travel from the brain at speeds reaching 800 km per hour.

2. I found out that the left side of the brain controls the right side of your body and the right side controls the left.

3. The left side of the brain is better at practical things such as reading and writing while the right is better at music and the arts.

Two understandings I now have:

1.  I now have a good understanding of why the nervous system is so important.                                                                                                        Example. It helps us to move parts of our body and react to problems that happen inside and outside of our body.

2. I now understand how hard the nervous system works. Because it works at every part of the body to make sure they’re moving and makes those parts move when they need to.

One wondering I still have is:

Why do some animals not have a peripheral nervous system?

What were the most important things I learnt?

I learnt a lot about why we have the nervous system. I kind of learnt that we had a nervous system. I now know what the system does. I learnt that without it we would not be able to move or feel anything.

How did I learn it?

I learnt it by using my note-taking and researching skills to gather information in order complete the acquired task. I also learnt it by working cooperatively with my team throughout the holidays and during class time.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt?

I am going to use my knowledge to expand on my note-taking and researching skills and I will use my knowledge on the nervous system for future projects on the human body.


Circulatory System



I predict that these pieces of text will be about how the circulatory system works, how the heart works and what everything in the circulatory system does. Some words I needed to clarify on were…

Ventricle– A cavity in the brain or the heart

Atrium– Just one of the four sections in the heart

Septum– A thick wall of muscle that seperates the left side of the heart from the right

Arteries– Are tubes or vessels (Arteries is the scientific name)

Aorta– The main Arterie, carrying oxygenated blood from the heart

Questions I had as I read:

Why is there two sides of the heart?

Because they both have different jobs. The right gets the blood after it has gone all around the body to send off to the lungs and get oxygen while the left gets the fresh, oxygenated blood and pushes it all around the body, through arteries and capillaries. The blood is now a bright red colour.

What is the heart’s job?

To pump the blood around the body and oxygenate the blood.

How fast does the blood pump out of the Aorta?

The speed that the blood comes out of the Aorta at is around one point six km per hour, and it takes about twenty minutes for the blood to go around the entire body.


The circulatory system has a few parts, the blood the heart and the lungs. They work to help us live, breathe and move our bodies. The lungs help us to oxygenate our blood, the heart pumps the blood throughout the body and the blood is what gets pumped by the heart and oxygenated by the lungs. The kidneys the livers and lungs help us to filter our blood by taking the things that we don’t need and turning them into waste.

Our heart consists of four sections, called chambers. The left and right atrium which together make the atria and the two ventricles. The septum splits up all of these parts with a thick wall of muscle. The lungs help us to breathe , oxygenate our blood and send it off to the heart. The heart then collects the blood and then it pumps out through its little tubes called vessels which then pump the blood around the whole body so that we can live.


Term 1 Project Reflection on North Korea

1. Make a list of the most important things you learnt.

I now understand how to make a jist. To make a jist you have to pull out the key points and see how to squash them up under twenty words. I think it is harder to make a jist with a big piece of writing because it is probably going to have lots of key points. I also learnt how to group things. In the classroom we did some activities that revolved around grouping. First we got some subheadings that included sport, food, war, tradition, transport and jobs. We gathered some information for the subheadings and then we sorted them out under big titles like economy and geography. I was taught how to notetake from information that I found on the internet and from my parents. My parents helped me with some information that I couldn’t understand like some things from wikipedia. But it wasn’t that I didn’t understand what it was about, it was because of some of the words that they used in the text,  now I can use some of those words in my writing and maybe my spelling.

2.What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?

Now I can listen to a text and pick the key points so that I can understand it more and learn more about the country. I can notetake from information that I have gathered for my country and put it in my own words. But not only that. I can now expand on the key points that I have and make them into proper sentences that I can then explain more about to create a bigger piece of writing. I now know how to group things under categories to make them easier to keep track of and plan out where they go. Talking about locating, I also learnt how to make a sentence flow. To make a sentence flow you need to find out what subject is connected to the next part of information. For example, if you were writing about jobs transport might be something to think about because, what type of transport do people usually take to work? So questioning also comes into the process aswell.

3. What or who helped me?

For my project I found that some news articles on the net had some information about North Korea because of the nuclear threats that have been going on during the past few weeks. Wikipedia has also helped me throughout my project and research and is where I got most of my information from.  I also used some other websites that talked about animals and some other things that I touched on during my project. I did use Microsoft student with Encarta a little bit but I don’t think it provides the general information that you would need in your project. My parents gave me some general information about the country and helped me work out a few words that were a bit difficult to understand like provocative. They also explained a bit about North Korea and some things they do over there.

4.   Three Facts you found out about your country

I found out that they have a huge military and that most people would work for the military for a very long time. I also found out that North Korea has a 99% literate rate ( Very high) which I was amazed about because most adults would either work in the military or work in the nuclear weapons factory and not in schools. The last interesting thing about North Korea that I have is… I can’t believe how young Kim Jong-Un (the president) is, he is only 29 years old, which is very young.

5.   Two Understandings

I now understand that life for some people could be tough because of the food and water that they get, but still, there are also alot of people who would live quite an enjoyable life because they work for the military and earn quite alot of money. I also understand that they are a very strong country and should never be thought of as not very strong because they do have a lot of people living there and they wouldn’t put up with any rubbish.

6.  One Wondering

I wonder if North Korea is going to launch nuclear missiles and some questions to ask myself would be.. Is Kim Jong-Un even capable of launching those missiles? How would the world react if they did? And what is the reason for building these weapons?



Greg Tucker:Aboriginal Answers






Greg lived with his Aboriginal family in Western Australia .But when the native welfare department came , he and his brother Archie were taken away to a mission .The department of native welfare was an organization where they would take Aboriginal children away from their parents because they thought that their parents wouldn’t take proper care of their children. The department would not let the children speak their own language and therefore the children knew nothing of their culture.


They separated the children from their parents by walking into their homes and taking the children away . Personally I think that is just cruelty and disrespect.


Greg’s family was probably all Aboriginal culture.


To say your birthday is not properly registered, it means that your birthdate has not yet been specified to the exact date.


Mission (in this context) means an institution where the children would go to , to get cared for properly . But that was only the departments thoughts . The Aboriginal parents had no idea what the department was going to do to their children while they were in  there .But when the time came, the missions were slowly closing down.