BTN – Should Cyclists Have Licenses?

Over the past few years there have been a lot of injuries and and deaths due to cycling accidents, especially this year. In fact, over 100 people have been hurt or killed in the time span from 2011- 2014 and thats obviously not a good thing. So there are people trying to stop this. One idea from the NSW Road Minister (Duncan Gay) is to create licenses that riders have to earn in order to ride the roads, but there are some faults in this idea. One big issue that pops up is that people don’t think that they should pay for their bikes, whilst others do. Because, really, bikes ride on the road as well as cars and motorbikes  who pay to go on the road so why shouldn’t bikes? Duncan Gay thinks that by doing this, the police can stop them doing silly things and therefore making our roads safer.


The Road to Federation Timeline

This term our main thing that we have been studying is the three levels of government (Local, State and Federal) and other things like federation and commonwealth. At first we were asked to  get into pairs and collect information from two different texts. After that we split up into individuals and put the information that we gathered into out own words. Now, we have been asked to create a  timeline with all of the different events on it (We did this in groups) and this is what my group came up with.


This timeline was created by a handy site called ‘Time Toast’. This quote was written by me to alert you of one of the wonderful things that you can do on the internet.


BTN: What’s Inside A Bowling Ball?

The inide of a bowling ball is mostly made up of resin, but there are many other elements too. Inside a bowling ball is a metal sphere which gives the ball more weight. Some balls can be seven kilograms in weight ( That’s heavier than my dog!). There is also another element which gives the bowler the power to spin the ball, this sits in the top half of the ball. There are also other things to make a bowling ball such as plastic but the weight is probably the most important.

What do we know about Australia before the British Came?

Before the British arrived there were other people living in Australia. These people were called aboriginals. It is now confirmed, that  Australia’s native people (aboriginals) left Africa 75,000 years ago! That’s more than 74,000 years before Captain James Cook arrived here in Australia.

The new DNA study confirms that aboriginal Australians are one of the most elderly populations in the world.


The discovery that ancestors of aboriginals reached Asia at least twenty four thousand years ago was led to from an  anthropologist who got given a century old lock of hair from an indigenous man.


Some experts from Murdoch university and the University of Western Australia were a part of the international team that analysed the DNA from the old hair but found no traces of European immigrants to the country. This made the DNA a perfect  sample for looking at the history of aboriginals.


Whilst studying the DNA from the hair, researchers found that the ancestors of Aussie aboriginals had split from the first new human populations to go away from Africa, sixty four  thousand to 75 thousand years ago.