Behind The News- The 2014 Budget

There have been many events throughout this year in the Australian government and essentially Australia. But what have been the main things that people have been talking about? Well, one of them was the 2014 Budget. Most Australian citizens were not happy with what was put forward and contributed around the budget. This is partly because it has been quite a tough budget on most people. This is due to the fact that there have been many more taxes to pay throughout the year for the government to spend on things like fixing roads and other essential needs that the people of Australia do require in order to live their normal lives. During press conferences and otherwise formal press meetings, the use of taxes has most often been replaced with ‘levy’. This, in my opinion has been the case due to a large amount of discomfort between government members and other Federal officials, conflicting with tax protestors. So that’s basically what happened with the budget this year.

Behind The News- Sun damage

We all know that having fun out in the sun can be very beneficial, but at the same time can be a deadly source for skin cancer. Skin cancer is the result of damaged skin cells creating large lumps. Those lumps ar called skin cancer cells. They can be extremely harmful, or worse deadly. There are few other types of cancer but this is probably the main one when it comes to kids. So the next time you go play some football down at your local park during summers, remember to slap some sunscreen on.

Behind The News- Greenhouse Gases

The sun is where most of our heat comes from, but sometimes it can get a bit too hot. This is a result of greenhouse emissions. Greenhouse emissions are the result of the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are non- renewable energy sources including coal oil and gas. All of these are sources found underground, and are created using dead organisms. The making of coal uses dead plant organisms whilst oil and gas are created using dead marine life. But to gain possession of these sources you need the once alive organisms to have been crushed down into the ground by millions of years of pressure caused by mounting land masses.

The use of fossil fuels include manufacturing and other chemical related products. The main use of fossil fuels though, would be heating and cooling homes, as well as any other energy related topics.

The greenhouse emissions transmit extremely small particles called greenhouse particles, these can sometimes trap excess heat in to the Earth’s atmosphere. These greenhouse particles are the result of burning and using fossil fuels and this is why scientists are encouraging more business owners, and other citizens and residents to go  greener with their usage of electricity and other power sources that may be related to the burning of fossil fuels.

Behind The News- Music Education

Music is one of the most popular ways of entertainment and can be learnt by everyone. Although, it is not something that the national curriculum states in its report. But there is a few things that we can do to help increase the teaching and playing of music throughout our schools. One event that is held over the nation is called the cannasie and is basically a musical reunion for young students over the country. This year a few students from a school created the song for this year’s cannasi. They stated that in the final product that they made, they got to use all of their favourite parts of all of the song ideas that the students in the group had come up with. They also said that they were very proud to participate in the making of the wonderful event, especially when they got to perform around all of their friends and classmates.

Behind The News- Gaming FX

Ahhhh, video games. Fun to play but not so easy to make. Unless of course you have all of the right equipment and techniques to make one. During the making of a video game, for example FIFA 15 or Forza Horizon 2, there are many different parts and areas you need to cover in order to make them. Step 1. First think of character ideas and a plot. There is no use having a game with no objective, otherwise it would not be a game! Next, you need to come up with a style of game. For example a platform game. A platform game is like a Mario or Ratchet and Clank type game. Now you need to animate your characters and make them move. A simple way to do this would be to do a ‘Stop-motion Animation’. A stop-motion animation is where you take a series of photos (that are different) and put them together to make an animation. This method is also used in creating some movies and T.V shows, one of which is Wallace and Grommit. Then you put it altogether. So maybe making a video game could be just as fun as playing one?

Behind The News- Cat Ban

Our nations capital, (Canberra) is thinking of banning cats’ freedom in order to secure health and safety for native animals. But there is a bit of disagreement and argument between supporters of the ‘lock up cats’ party and the ‘let cats free’ party. Some people would say that it is a bad idea and should not even be an issue that is being addressed because they think that cats have the right to be free as much as we do. Although on the other hand some people think it would be a fantastic idea because it would keep native animals safe as well as the fact that the cats that could be locked up would live a much easier and safer lifestyle. This is down to the fact that the cats will have lesser of a chance of dying early due to car accidents or other horrible incidents.


I believe that cats should have the right to roam free because of the fact that their natural habitat is out doors and in the sun as well as the fact that most pet owners do not want to be paying extra money for something that already cost a decent amount of cash (the cat).

Behind The News- Space School

A group of students from a range of schools have taken the opportunity to go to a certain school where they get to learn about space from a real life astronaut. These kids want to become astronauts in the future but before that they have to learn about the skills and techniques that astronauts need in order to survive and do their job. In the lessons of the space school, the students are taught by a real life astronaut who has been in to space three times, totalling a staggering six hundred and seventy five hours up in the stars. It may look like a whole bunch of fun, hanging out with the other astronauts in the rocket, floating around in the zero gravity air, but when up in space there can be a lot of work to do. It depends on what job you have been assigned to complete. Apart from being an astronaut, there are many other ways of being involved in space “missions” or jobs. These include astro-physicists and airo-space-engineers. Overall, there are many job spaces to be filled when it comes to blasting up to the moon.

Behind The News- Rock Climbing

Most people would not really think of rock climbing when they go to apply or sign up for a hobby. They would probably think of a more popular sort of sport like football or basketball. But rock climbing could just be the thing that you need when exercising. One man, Robert, said that he was quite unfit when he was a high school student until he took up rock climbing. Once he did take up climbing he started to get much healthier and physically fitter. Clearly showing that rock climbing can be used for all different kinds of purposes he went on to joining a group of climbers that now train often and are an experienced group of rock climbers.

Although, like any sport, rock climbing can be an extremely dangerous thing. You have to wear the correct safety gear for the climbs and have trained a lot depending on what kind of place you are climbing near. But, rock climbing can also be a friendship builder. You can join other people during climbing and become best friends. Just like all sports really. Except for maybe singles in tennis. But, you get the drift.


Behind The News-Flag Day

On the third of September, 1901, the Australian flag was officially established and published. A vast amount of entries were considered before officials and the people of Australia agreed on the resemblance of the Australian flag but now that doesn’t all seem to be the case. You see, the Australian flag consists of many different things, including other country’s flags. The part where there is the red and white cross is, is where the English flag, Saint Patrick’s Saltire in Northern Ireland and the Scottish Flag all appear. These flags put together, create the Union Jack. On the Australian flag, the Union Jack is used to symbolise the British settlements that appeared on Australian Soil on the First Fleet. But, the people of Scotland believe that their country should be an independent country. This would change the look of the Union Jack causing the Australian flag to have a different look as well. This is also causing some Australians to want the Australian flag to change. Some Australians also want their country’s flag to change it’s design due to the fact that they do not believe that the Aussie flag resembles the traditional owners of the land which are the Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders. So, are we going to change our flag?

The Australian Flag

The Australian Flag

Behind The News: Moon Living

“That’s one small step for man… and one giant leap for mankind.” When the moon was first stepped on by by a human, everyone was amazed, and ever since that happened, everyone has been wondering what it would be like to live on the moon. Scientists have proven that it could happen, but not for a very long time. This is because there are many challenges that we would face if we were trying to live on the moon. One of them would be what would we live in. This has already been answered. You see, some moon dust was gathered by a group of scientists that is now used as an ingredient to create what I like to call ‘Moon Bricks’. Along with sulfur (Another mineral) the moon dust creates a very strong and sturdy brick that can be used for creating domes that can then be used as spaces where inflatable living quarters can be placed. In these living quarters we may be able to live on the moon. But for now, we’ll stick to Planet Earth.


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Behind The News- Moon Living