100 Word Challenge Week 40

The Rhinoships were advancing towards Earth gaining speed every millisecond. All of the oxygen in the air was being extracted every time the Spacerhinos sped up.   The Spacerhinos, they were killing the life on Earth! No trees were left. No grass was moving. Just chaos. As I tried to rush people to the hospital for oxygen supplies I started to have trouble breathing as well. I got to the hospital and found that there was only one more oxygen pack. “But-“I was interrupted by a paramedic. “I’m afraid it’s the last one,”he said “and you’re not getting it.” “No!”

space rhino

100 Word Challenge Week 39

As Mark and I were walking through the vast vegetation in the dark forest, we could hear some loud noises coming from several of the ancient, enormous trees. Then, through the bushes I could see something moving. It looked like a face. I gestured for Mark to follow but he was too scared to go deeper into the dark, lonely woods. I climbed through the large bundle of bushes to find a face implanted on a tree, living and breathing! The forest seemed alive as the stars twinkled and the moon rose. ‘This is the best discovery man kind will ever see!’ I thought.

Face Implanted Into A Tree



100 Word Challenge Week 38

As I pulled out the cooked uranium in it’s tray I was tempted to touch it, (I had gloves on of course) but it was far too hot. Its glowing, green colour caused me to stare at the material for a while as many of the other scientists told me to put it down and walk away. I couldn’t do it. I touched the uranium. “BOOM!” Something extraordinary happened. My legs started to bulge and my T-shirt started to change. I had transformed into a super star footballer (soccer player)! I ran outside and started kicking the ball about.”Awesome!”.

David Beckham

100 Word Challenge Week 37

“Here comes Cristiano Ronaldo. ” Commented Martin Tyler as Portugal started an attack. “That’s a great tackle by Phillip Lahm and maybe they can launch a counter attack.” Thomas Muller sprinted down the right hand side of the pitch, played the ball through to Miroslav Klose and started to make a run through the centre of the field. Klose played the ball to Muller. “Muller’s through on goal! Goal! Thomas Muller. Back of the net.  Super run and a goal to show it. Great defending by the Portugal side but, that’s what happens in Brazil when you let Thomas Muller through.”

German National Team

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100 Word Challenge Week 37


100 Word Challenge Week 36

Another boring day of pouring chocolate into the dull, stale cake roads. The lads bought a coffee for everyone, except me. I continued to keep pouring chocolate into the cracking  cake road, determined to finish it.  But as I was pouring the remaining chocolate into the cracks I heard a loud scream coming from the apartment block next to the road that we were fixing. I dropped the silly piping hose and ran inside, to see only a teenage girl screaming at how amazing she thought her new shoes were. I then said to myself, “seriously?”.

100 wc

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100 Word Challenge Week 36


100 Word Challenge Week 35

The Gateway of Eternity was within my field of vision. The black portal swirled around and around inside the ancient, concrete arch.  I could hear my friend calling from inside, “Help! Someone please, help!” She shouted. I was running down the last straight of the enormous maze. A cold feeling shivered through my body as I nearly reached the Portal of Eternity and my legs and fingers started to numb. I heard a rustling coming from the hedges. I stopped, in wonder of what it was. I walked over to the hedge and all I heard was the word, help…


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100 Word Challenge Week 34

I ran down the empty corridor as loud footsteps echoed in my ears. Shouts and gun shots could be heard whilst my phone was vibrating in my pocket. I turned around the corner and stopped. The other members of the SWAT teams were standing there, guns at the ready. “FIRE!” They started shooting at me. The world felt like it was in slow motion as I jumped and flipped in the air. Everything went back to normal speed and I quickly ran down the next corridor. The SWAT team followed and I hid around the corner.But where could I go?


Do Not Disturb Writer Sign

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100 Word Challenge Week 34

100 Word Challenge Week 33

Lucy, like all the other 57000000 children around the world doesn’t get to go to school. Now, 57000000 people is a lot and its not  good that they don’t get an education, and whats even more disappointing, is that over a third of the  that don’t get to go to school, have a disability, and I think its time for a change. It think that its unfair that in some countries children with a disability get to go to school and in others they don’t. So, for all of those MP’s out there, think about what you promised, and don’t give up!

Disabled SignNO SCHOOL


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100 Word Challenge Week 33

100 Word Challenge Week 32

As I walked down the wobbly metal steps, the wind whipped my face like tiny droplets of rain.  I pulled my jacket tightly around myself as my hair flung to one side. I started running towards the entrance of the Welsh International Airport. Once I got inside I could feel the warmth of the heaters on full pelt and took a deep breath in. But when I got inside some of the words sounded like a foreign language! Welsh people spoke English though! Didn’t they?HRRRRRRR! A massive jumbo jet came flying into the Airport, and that was how I died.

do not disturb writer sign

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100 Word Challenge Week 31

As I was putting on my gear, ready for another day at Bee Works (A company that got honey from bee hives) I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A dog perhaps? Maybe a rabbit? Well there was one thing I knew, it was white. I shook my head and tied up my Wellington boots. It was raining. It was always raining. I was starting to get really annoyed. Why can’t it just be sun-. I was interrupted by a loud buzzing noise. I walked to the hive and opened the lid. “AHHHHHHHHHH!” I hate my job.

100 Word Challenge Week 31