Orientation Day- Buckley Park Secondary College

Yesterday was my orientation day at my high school. I went to Buckley Park which will be my secondary college for 2015. In my class, I met some new friends as well as some vaguely remembered friends.One of my new friends’ names is Andre. Andre is a very funny classmate but yet a quiet one at the same time. I also met Sam who is the school captain at his primary school, Essendon Primary. Once we had first got settled into classes we were then guided by our future form teacher, Mr Helinan. He showed use where the majority of ball sports were played, where some of the teachers’ offices were and where to go when we felt a bit ill. After the tour we headed out for recess which goes for 22 minutes, this was one of the things that I found bizarre about the school’s time breaks.

After recess we headed down to the Performing Arts Center for Drama. Our drama teacher was introduced by herself , her name, Ms Bain-bridge. She seemed very similar to my current Art teacher Raine but in the end she was quite unique in her own way. There, we warmed up by playing a game called ‘Zap, Bang!’ This involved fast reactions and remembering classmates’ names. After that we did a play in groups of 4. I was with Andre, Uegeen and Lorandt. We chose (from the available, listed scenarios) to do our play on a newly discovered animal in which  I was the animal. It was enjoyable, and a lot of fun to watch other students complete their performances.

After drama we headed back to A2, our home room. There, we were introduced to Ms Thomas, our 2015 English and Humanities teacher. During the lesson, we wrote a letter introducing and describing ourselves to Ms Thomas. We also attempted to complete the rope challenge with a partner, this specific challenge was very tricky, and no-one in my class was able to complete it without cheating.

Next we had lunch and after that, headed down to D block for our Maths/Science lesson. In science we conducted an experiment where we created invisible ink, which we applied to paper. After that we use the bunsen burner to make the ink visible on the other side of the paper. Once we had conducted our experiment we labelled different scientific utensils that are used in an average science lab. We did not do any Maths which was a bit of an annoyance but all of us knew that we were going to be doing quite a lot of it in 2015.

To cap off the day, all of the future year 7’s met in the gym for a few games. One of them was the name game where we had some students in one group, sitting in a circle. We then went around the circle, adding adjectives with the same starting letter as our names. We did that for a while and then played a relay basketball activity, class against class. (Our class’ name is 7HN) It was a slightly competitive game yet also just a muck about with everyone. After that it was the end of the day and I headed home whole-hearted.

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  1. Wow Luca! Your writing is amazing! I’m really impressed that you can write so well! It sounds like your orientation day was really fun!

    Kind Wishes,


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