Behind The News- The 2014 Budget

There have been many events throughout this year in the Australian government and essentially Australia. But what have been the main things that people have been talking about? Well, one of them was the 2014 Budget. Most Australian citizens were not happy with what was put forward and contributed around the budget. This is partly because it has been quite a tough budget on most people. This is due to the fact that there have been many more taxes to pay throughout the year for the government to spend on things like fixing roads and other essential needs that the people of Australia do require in order to live their normal lives. During press conferences and otherwise formal press meetings, the use of taxes has most often been replaced with ‘levy’. This, in my opinion has been the case due to a large amount of discomfort between government members and other Federal officials, conflicting with tax protestors. So that’s basically what happened with the budget this year.

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