Behind The News- Gaming FX

Ahhhh, video games. Fun to play but not so easy to make. Unless of course you have all of the right equipment and techniques to make one. During the making of a video game, for example FIFA 15 or Forza Horizon 2, there are many different parts and areas you need to cover in order to make them. Step 1. First think of character ideas and a plot. There is no use having a game with no objective, otherwise it would not be a game! Next, you need to come up with a style of game. For example a platform game. A platform game is like a Mario or Ratchet and Clank type game. Now you need to animate your characters and make them move. A simple way to do this would be to do a ‘Stop-motion Animation’. A stop-motion animation is where you take a series of photos (that are different) and put them together to make an animation. This method is also used in creating some movies and T.V shows, one of which is Wallace and Grommit. Then you put it altogether. So maybe making a video game could be just as fun as playing one?

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