Behind The News- Cat Ban

Our nations capital, (Canberra) is thinking of banning cats’ freedom in order to secure health and safety for native animals. But there is a bit of disagreement and argument between supporters of the ‘lock up cats’ party and the ‘let cats free’ party. Some people would say that it is a bad idea and should not even be an issue that is being addressed because they think that cats have the right to be free as much as we do. Although on the other hand some people think it would be a fantastic idea because it would keep native animals safe as well as the fact that the cats that could be locked up would live a much easier and safer lifestyle. This is down to the fact that the cats will have lesser of a chance of dying early due to car accidents or other horrible incidents.


I believe that cats should have the right to roam free because of the fact that their natural habitat is out doors and in the sun as well as the fact that most pet owners do not want to be paying extra money for something that already cost a decent amount of cash (the cat).

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