Extreme Weather Report- Tsunamis (with India and Erica)

Tsunamis, also known as seismic sea waves, are basically a series of sea waves that can cause destruction and corruption on land and out at sea. These large sea waves’ name originated from the busy country of Japan. They can reach up to 40 metres in height and can be hazards to all life on land. This as you could probably tell is very high and terrifying in any circumstance. From this information, tsunamis are obviously one of the most deadly extreme weather conditions.

When Tsunamis are coming, there could be possible signs of the thunderous waves approaching. Although, you can’t really warn people about them.There are signs but they only come a few minutes before the tsunami occurs. This is because when the earth quake strikes it shakes the plate and pulls the waves out 100’s of metres and because the water builds up it is shot back to the land. They mostly come unseen and at one time. So people don’t know what is going to happen. But when those humongous waves do appear on the local beach, they cause a whole lot of trouble.


They often occur along the coastlines of Japan, coincidentally, the place where the name of Tsunamis originated from. When a Tsunami is starting to form along these coastlines, water begins to recede from the beach. The same water is then pulled back hundreds of metres to start to create the Tsunami. Once it reaches shallow water it starts to slow down. But at the same time, increases in height.

Tsunamis most often occur in areas around and in Japan because of the placements of the country. You see, Japan sits between two plates of the Earth’s crust. In this case, one of the plates sits over the other. Then, one of the plates suddenly jumps up several feet which moves a large and excessive amount of water. The water then moves out in all different directions, causing a Tsunami.

Tsunamis can cause a mass amount of destruction, but there are a few things that we can do to try and avoid them. They are caused by other extreme weather conditions such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides. These are very few of some of the things that Tsunamis can be caused by.

Tsunamis cause mass amounts of destruction. Houses severely damaged or collapsed, people dead or extremely injured. Swerving in and out of resident/citizen filled areas. Many different people and workers are affected by Tsunamis when they occur. Ranging from children to elderly citizens. But how they can be affected is a completely different thing all together. For example, school children can lose close relatives such as grandparents or their mothers and fathers. This could be because their relatives may not be able to reach a suitable shelter for the Tsunami or other extreme weather conditions. So, in conclusion tsunamis can affect many different people.


To avoid a Tsunami is one thing, but preventing them, is a completely different thing altogether. We can’t prevent Tsunamis but maybe, just maybe we can avoid them. Some things that we can do to try and avoid tsunamis, are 1. Be prepared, especially if you live in Tsunami threatened areas, 2. Try to avoid living in a Tsunami threatened area, 3. Don’t have too many valuable items in a vulnerable area for Tsunamis. These are just some of the things that you can do to try and avoid certain Tsunamis.

Bethany Hamilton, a professional surfer is now a charity supporter and fundraiser for Tsunamis. Bethany lost her left arm during a surfing competition training session with family friends. After that, she became a supporter of Tsunami affected people and areas. Through this she became a better person.

One Earthquake (which causes a Tsunami), in the Indian Ocean near Indonesia, killed over two hundred thousand residents. It occurred during the month of December, 2004. It was a horrific event that no one could ignore. It was also something that none of the living victims of the event could ever forget.

March, 2011.  On this date the Tokoku Tsunami took place. This tsunami reached 40 metres in height wiping out many towns. As well as creating a few nuclear accidents.

Overall, Tsunamis must be one of the most harmful and destructive extreme weather conditions you could face. Maybe you can become as supportive of Tsunami affected people as Bethany. Her support may give you ideas about creating your own charity/fundraising company to run yourself. But mainly, we hope this has given you an insight to how much damage and how to possibly avoid a Tsunami.








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