Read Like a Writer-What do you think Feezal?

Earlier this morning all of our class participated in a session about reading like a writer. During the session we learnt about the differences and similarities between reading like writer and reading like a reader. We also learnt about the features of someone who is reading like a writer or reader. Near the end of the session we were asked to read a certain piece of writing we found interesting of our literacy circle books and find out which sections we thought were parts of the “Six Traits of Writing”. So this is what I came up with for the book that I read during literacy circles.

1. Ideas- The idea of having a window cleaner who becomes a best friend is very interesting and slightly admirable.

2. Organisation- The first few sentences of the second paragraph makes me want to know more about who Andy is.

3. Voice- I think that the author’s voice is shown through the feeling of the text. The text’s feeling is very calm and content and I think that is what the author’s personality is like.

4. Word Choice- I think that the “1 adjective” descriptions give a self-explanatory explanation of the noun following it.

5. Sentence Fluency- The sentences in this part of the book flow very well as a union and lead to other sentences.

6. Conventions- The spelling and punctuation in this part of the book is used to elaborate on sentences by joining them together.

Goal Reflection:

  • The conventions in this section of the text I know will be something that I will be something I will use in the future when writing a story. I think that I will use it because  it gives feeling to the text by showing some of the character’s personalities.
  • I also think that I will use the same word choice strategy as demonstrated in the book I read (What do you think Feezal?). This is because the (how I like to call it) “1 adjective” description gives a pretty self-explanatory description of the word following it.
  • I know that voice is already something that I include in my writing, although I think that I could put more of personality (voice) in to my pieces  so that people can recognise my style of writing.

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