100 Word Challenge Week 3

As Jackson creeped around the the humongous trees he heard some odd and strange sounding rustling sounds coming from behind him. He turned around but there was nothing there. Standing in a questionable situation,scratching his head, he turned back round to keep on walking towards the hotel. But as he turned, he found a great, terrifying and disgusting creature sitting before his eyes. “ROAR!”  “ARGH!” Jackson sprinted as fast as he could away from the hideous monster. He ended up standing on top of the half-ending bridge that was nearest to the location he was at. “OH NO!”He screamed.

This Week's Prompt

This Week’s Prompt


4 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 3

  1. Hi from California!
    I really like how you created suspense by using specific actions to describe what was happening. I used to dream of going to France…now I’m worried about the monsters and bridges that lead to nowhere! Just kidding. Your post makes me more interested in the unusual sites to be seen. Have you ever been to France?

  2. Your story has a great use of tension and suspense that creates a fantastic atmosphere in your stories setting however try not to repeat yourself, ‘strange sounding rustling sounds’. You may also want to consider using the ‘rule of three’ by listing three adjectives to build a vivid picture of the characters feelings. A well written piece, good job!

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