100 Word Challenge Week #1

“How are those parts going Simon?” Questioned Joe. “Almost finished… there.”  “Finally we can make a start on this rocket.”  Joe excitedly walked over to the new metal parts and looked at them. He raised his right eyebrow in shock of the parts. “What are these?!” Joe exclaimed. “They’re your parts sir.” “These are not parts!” These are just bent pieces of metal in a pile like a junk yard!” “Sorry, sir…” Simon cowardly put his head down and dawdled off into the other part of the main building. “ARGHHHHH!” Screamed Joe. “When can we create something that works!”

6 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week #1

    • Dear Anish,
      Thankyou for your feedback and comments on my 100 wc this week. I really thought about the piece when I was writing it and added in dialogue when I could.

    • Hey Luca,
      I don’t know what you meant in a specific sense when you said “good details” so could you maybe specify that in other comments that you have? By the way, my name is Luca as well:)

  1. I really liked your 100WC this week. I think you used quotation marks, and descriptive language well. I think this feeling is one that many people can relate to. I know I have baked a cake numerous times and sometimes it just does not work. It can be very frustrating. Well Done again

    Miss K
    Melbourne Australia

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