100 Word Challenge Week 26

As Max walked down the stairs of the agency the different textured doors didn’t seem to be opening. He frowned and walked over to the keypad on the smooth and dusty concrete wall which was put there for occasions like this. He started typing the numbers in when suddenly the keypad exploded. Max’s papers flew all over the floor.There was smoke covering the key pad along with all of the cables hanging out of it. “BANG!” The roof blew up. 99 came down the stairs. “Whats happening?” She asked. “Look up! Can you see?” Max questioned. “It’s Superman!”

Maxwell Smart


3 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 26

  1. this is a really good 100wc. well done! a really good range of punctuation. i would like to hear another story from you . why dont you vist our blog at y6 blogger pewithall . i hope to hear from you soon keep it up the hard work bye

  2. Fabulous entry! (Especially as I am watching Man of Steel as I type!) You create a scene and build a story full of drama. Well done – and great punctuation too.

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