Procedural Text: How to make a bar/column graph

Bar graphs are a way of representing data in a visual manner and today I’m going to show you how to make one. It’s much easier to read a bar graph than a tally sheet because you can compare things easily due to height. Just follow these simple steps to make your own bar graph.

Items Required:

An A4 sheet of paper, a pencil, coloured pencils, ruler and a greyled.


Step 1:

Draw a right angle with a horizontal line going right like this on the paper.


Step 2:

Now. Depending your data/information for example, how many people in your class have dogs and how many have cats, you would put (in this instance) the words dogs and cats on the X axis (the bottom line) evenly spread out.


Step 3:

Then, depending on how many people are in your class, for instance 24, write down the numbers 0-24 going upwards on the Y axis. Make sure that they are evenly spaced.


Step 4:

Now, again depending on your class, for instance 15 people have dogs and 9 people have cats, you would put your bars on the graph with a ruler up to 15 on top of ‘Dogs’ and 9 on top of ‘Cats’.


(You don’t have colour yet)

Step 5:

Then with your coloured pencils, choose two colours to colour in the bars!


My Graphs:

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